Coaching Sessions

Grief coaching for pet parents, tattoo grievers, and recovering people-pleasers.

I offer professional grief coaching sessions no matter where you are on your path. I'm honored to join you on your journey.

Individual Grief Coaching Sessions

Virtual sessions: I offer individual sessions where you work directly with me. You can do sessions one at a time, as you need them, for which I charge $70/hour.

In-Person Sessions: If you are located in the DC Metro Area (Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia), I offer in-person 1:1 coaching sessions. For these, I charge $80/hour to cover travel time and expenses.

I understand grieving often comes with financial challenges. I offer my sessions on a sliding scale, so please let me know if you need a lower rate during your free initial session.

Grief Coaching Session Packages

A package is four (4) sessions where you work directly with me, which you can do at intervals that work for you.

Once a week is the most common, but you may want to do a session once every two weeks or at another interval of your choosing.

If you purchase a package of sessions, the rate is the same, but I check in with you between each session via text or email to offer support.

Ongoing support

I continue to be there for you after our sessions are over.

Whether you work with me in a one-off session or in a series of sessions, I offer ongoing support after we work together. I will check in with you after our sessions are over and will continue to be here for you via email, text, or phone support if you need me for your grieving process.

I'm not just your Grief Coach. My goal is to be there for you as a friend, advocate, and resource during this difficult time.

Is grief coaching right for me?

Grief coaching won't be a good fit for everyone. For some people, grief counseling or therapy may be a more beneficial option. 

A Grief Coach is similar to a life coach and can help you with your personal growth process as well as your grief process. The benefits of grief coaching will be different for everyone. As a professional Grief Coach, I may recommend clients work with a therapist or counselor in addition to my services, especially if they have experienced multiple losses, trauma, or traumatic grief. We can discuss if grief coaching would be right for you during your free session and where you are at in your stages of grief and understanding of grief.

Book a Free 1-Hour session

Coaching for where you are on your journey.

Grief is a highly personal journey, and no two people will walk the same path.

The services I offer are tailored for your individual needs and what you are specifically struggling with (animal grief, tattoo grief, or boundaries in grief).

We will start with a questionnaire about where you are, what you are struggling with, and what your goals are for the future. Our work goes from there!

Want to know more?

Book a free 1-hour coaching session with me.

To see if we would work well together or if grief coaching is something you are interested in, I offer a free 1-hour coaching session. We'll talk about your loss or struggles, your grieving process so far, and what coaching may look like for you. 

You are not alone during this difficult time, and the grief you are feeling is a natural response to your life events. Let’s meet and discuss where you are on your journey and if I might be able to join you.

Book a Free 1-Hour session

You are the expert of your life and your experiences.

Grief is an overwhelming experience with difficult emotions, but you don't have to navigate this rocky terrain alone.

Let’s talk about where you’re at, what you’re struggling with, and where you want to be. I’m listening.

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