PET GRIEF SUPPORT for when you have lost the most important connection in your life.

You lost more than just a pet. You lost your baby.

Your beautiful creature was so much more than a pet. And you were more than a "pet owner". You were a parent. Your scaly, feathered, or furry friend was a soul in a physical body that you got to spend time with and love.

The highest honor for many of us who live with animal companions is sharing space with these incredible souls and caring for them as they move through their journey in this life.

real talk:

You did not lose a pet. You lost your best friend. You lost your reason for living. You lost your baby. And I am so sorry.

There is no skirting around this pain. There is no forgetting your beautiful baby. There is only the day-by-day existence and grieving process that, while it may feel truly unbearable right now, will gently ease. The space in your heart that feels like a minefield will slowly change. Together, we can make that place a more peaceful and habitable terrain.

You don't have to do it alone.

Make room in your heart and your life for your grief.

Because your animal companion continues to exist, because you love them, and they love you beyond measure. Because you are worthy of caring for this sacred wound just as you cared for your companion.

There is no timeline for your grieving process, so whether you are days, weeks, months, or years into your grief journey, I am ready to join you on your path with animal grief support.

Others may not understand your intense grief and may even reject the validity of your pain. But you deserve to make room in your heart and your life for your grief so you can process this immense loss.

Your Loss Is Your Own.

Losing a beloved animal companion can be an isolating experience.

People do not honor the loss of an animal the way they do a human death, even if you loved and cared for your beloved more than you would have if it were a human child.

But know that the intense sadness, feelings of grief, and physical symptoms you are experiencing over this pet death are normal.

And you are absolutely not alone.

How I provide support on your grief journey:

Space to Explore Your Grief

As your pet bereavement grief coach, I create space for you to grieve openly and explore what your grief means to you so you can bring integrity to your grieving process.

Honoring Your Sacred Process

There is no “fixing” grief, and often, there is no normal routine to go back to. Your emotional response to this loss is the most sacred and deepest representation of your love for your animal friend. 

To Have the Tough Conversations

The circumstances surrounding your pet's death. The guilt you feel. The pain and isolation you're experiencing. I'm here to have those tough conversations with you.

I'm here for you.

Book a free 1-hour pet grief coaching session.

When you have lost your animal family, when you have experienced the death of your special friend, know that your experience is valid. I'm here to support you through this incredibly difficult time. Schedule a free pet grief coaching session with me to see if grief coaching could help you on your journey.

Book a Free 1-Hour Session

You are the expert of your life and your experiences.

Grief is an overwhelming experience with difficult emotions, but you don't have to navigate this rocky terrain alone.

Let’s talk about where you’re at, what you’re struggling with, and where you want to be. I’m listening.

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