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I have a background in trauma, and as a trauma-informed Grief Coach, I help people cope with loss, walk with their grief, and create the life they want with healthy boundaries. I'm honored to join you on your journey.

I know better than most that integrating a loss into your life or setting boundaries and living authentically is not easy, because I’ve lived it. I’m here to help during this difficult time.

I'm Jenn Sahar Israel, a Grief Coach Specializing in Animal Grief, Tattoo Grief, and Boundaries in Grief.


Your Journey Is Worth Honoring.

As a Grief Coach, I help grievers integrate loss into their lives by providing a compassionate, supportive, and guiding presence. I also work with people experiencing tattoo regret and tattoo grief or dysphoria to better understand their experience. Finally, I join recovering people-pleasers and codependents to help them set healthy boundaries and start living their best lives by providing the insight, clarity, and permission they need to live authentically in grief.

here's what i do:

Boundaries in Grief


Experiencing a loss or going through a traumatic event changes your life, and the way you need people to show up for you also changes. I help people navigate setting healthy boundaries while grieving.

Tattoo Grief


Experiencing feelings of anxiety, panic, shame, and depression are common after getting a tattoo. I work with people experiencing tattoo grief and tattoo dysphoria to help them better understand their experience.

Animal (Pet) Grief


Losing a “pet” is not just losing an animal. For animal parents, it's losing a child, a best friend, a beloved and sacred companion. You do not have to navigate such a huge loss on your own.

About me

Grieving is more than just going through a "tough time". I know. I am a bereaved mom and tattoo griever several times over. I am not here to fix or take away your grief. I'm here to help you sift through the tough emotions and better understand what you're experiencing and what it means to you. I'm here to help you integrate this immense loss into your life in a way that feels authentic to you.

What's a Grief Coach?

A Grief Coach is a person who joins you on your grief journey so you can better cope with your loss. It's important to understand that grief coaching is different from grief counseling and therapy.

A counselor (or therapist) will work with you to diagnose and treat mental health issues and work through your childhood and past trauma. While a Grief Coach touches on these things in your grieving process, coaching is meant to help you with the challenges you're facing in your life now.

People who have experienced trauma, including traumatic grief, may benefit from working with an experienced therapist in addition to grief coaching. I myself see a licensed therapist and consider it an integral part of the grieving process and the personal growth process.

Give you companionship and support during this difficult time.


Make it possible for you to improve your quality of life while grieving and processing trauma.


Help you cultivate your emotional intelligence and grief awareness, especially around how grief has impacted your life.


Make dealing with your daily responsibilities and personal experiences easier.


Allow you to experience a natural response to your grief in a judgment-free setting.


Create a supportive environment for you to cope with your grief and process what happened.


The benefits of grief coaching are specific to your loss, life events, challenges, and understanding of grief. Grief coaching can:

Benefits of Grief Coaching

The Stages of Grief & Your Grief Process

The five stages of grief were never meant to be a timeline or linear process.

Grieving is much more significant, complex, and nuanced than that. Your grieving process will most likely take you in and out of the five stages of grief multiple times, and not everyone will experience each stage. As a professional Grief Coach, part of my work is to help you understand on a deeper level that grief is not an event to be lived through but rather a sacred experience to be integrated.

You are the expert of your life and your experiences.

Grief is an overwhelming experience with difficult emotions, but you don't have to navigate this rocky terrain alone.

Let’s talk about where you’re at, what you’re struggling with, and where you want to be. I’m listening.

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